ABCreative Offers Percussion Play Instruments

September 03, 2019

ABCreative is excited to announce the addition of a new product line, Percussion Play, the world’s leading outdoor instrument manufacturer with over 200 distributors in over 60 countries.

Musical instruments on the playground are a growing trend. Percussion Play’s outdoor musical instruments are durable, sustainable, and can be installed to cope with all extremes of weather making them ideal for parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. Also, kids love that they play real music!

ABCreative offers the full line of Percussion Play instruments and packages, including aerophones, chimes, bells, outdoor drums, xylophones, marimbas, and metallophones. These musical instruments have been installed all over the world in school playgrounds, parks, elderly care centers, zoos, cruise liners, museums, open gardens, hospitals and more.

Robin Ashfield, Sales & Marketing Director for Percussion Play said, “To me, the most exciting thing is that outdoor musical instruments are truly inter-generational, creating opportunities all over the world for kids and adults to play creatively together.”

The Percussion Play Package Ensembles provide players the opportunity to explore several outdoor percussion instruments, experiment with different playing techniques, practice improvisation and learn the fundamentals of outdoor multi-percussion performance. Suitable for beginners as well as the more advanced, these packages offer a great combination of outdoor musical instruments that work together harmoniously.

“We are very excited to be able to offer such a high-quality and engaging product to our customers,” said Karen Herren, owner of ABCreative. “These musical instruments, like the new Tutti, are eyecatching and have a beautiful sound.”

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