7 Elements of Play

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    Different Types of Play on the Playground

    Sensory ♦ Swinging ♦ Climbing ♦ Sliding ♦ Spinning ♦ Brachiating ♦ Balancing

    Having these different play activities are vital for a child’s
    cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.


  • Sensory element of play

    Sensory Play

    Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Balance.

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  • Swinging element of play

    Swinging Play

    The sensation of soaring and flying.

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  • Climbing Element of Play

    Climbing Play

    Excitement, challenge and a little risk.

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  • Sliding element of play

    Sliding Play

                            Up, Down, Do It Again

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  • Spinning Element of play

    Spinning Play

    Physics in Motion

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  • Brachiating element of play

    Brachiating Play

                           Left, Right, Hand-over-hand

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  • Balancing element of play

    Balancing Play

                            Endurance and Core Strength

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  • Consult. Create. Construct.

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